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The Top Men's Promise Rings on the Market

mens promise ringsThere are few gifts for men that are as special as mens promise rings.  A ring gets carried at all times and is a great indication of a special bond between two people or a great reminder of a special friendship.  Rings are made to last and is a fantastic way to keep someone you love close, even when they are no longer around to share fun times with.  In many cultures it is a great tradition to pass along special rings from generation to generation so those from previous generations can be remembered for a long time to come.

Features to look for when buying a mens promise rings

If you are thinking about buying a mens promise ring as gift to a loved one then you need to do a lot of thinking and research before you make your final decision on a certain ring. Some of the major factors that you need to consider when you choose the ring are;




Top Selling mens promise rings of 2016

The Top Most Beautiful and Affordable Mens Promise Rings

  1. 1. Kardy Jewelers Matching Rings for Couples

These gorgeous and enticing mens promise rings or promise rings for couples are made of solid sterling silver. Their sturdy design and superior craftsmanship make them as durable as the message engraved on them (“Love Forever”). Their overall design looks really neat and artistic. They make the perfect gift for couples, constituting an ideal choice for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, engagements, weddings, relationship and wedding anniversaries, birthdays and many others. If you’re romantic at heart and you wish to display your love and devotion for your partner, the Kardy Jewelers Matching Rings for Couples are the perfect choice!


  1. Willis Judd Mens Titanium Blue Carbon Fiber Ring

This incredibly classy and stylish ring which gives off some truly manly vibes was attentively and skillfully handcrafted from titanium. This material is not only extremely sturdy, but also incredibly light. And, to make its features even better, it also contains carbon fiber. The producers tried to make this item available to as many men as possible, so it comes in different dimensions. In its inner area it features the message “I Love You” with engraved letters, which makes it a perfect gift for your loved one, regardless of the occasion. It even comes with its own gift box! This product is the perfect combination between masculine and romantic.


  1. Will Queen Koa Wood Inlay Ring

The design and workmanship of this ring is absolutely splendid and impressive. It looks both rich and exotic, being made of Hawaii koa wood inlay, a material that exhibits some truly unique nuances. Due to its exuberant grain texture, the timber fabric of this stylish ring will stand out. What makes it even better is the polished silver white stripe featured towards one end of the ring. This gift is ideal for men who are elegant, well-schooled and original. It works on any occasion. Its design inspires power, uniqueness and exoticism.


  1. Willis Judd Men’s Two Tone Titanium Ring

This ring exhibits a lush and opulent design due to the splendid visual contrast between the red carbon fiber featured in the centre and the light golden nuances on the sides. It is skillfully and attentively manufactured from titanium, a fabric which is not only extremely sturdy and reliable, but also unbelievably light. It’s a great gift for men who are both exuberant and romantic. Due to the “I Love You” message engraved in its inner area, it would be a great idea to buy it for your loved one on a special occasion, such as your wedding anniversary. The product also comes with an equally stylish gift box.


  1. MAUI Tungsten Wedding Band with Mother of Pearl Inlay

This ring looks and feels particularly comfortable and dazzling. The vivid colors on its center form a splendid and elegant contrast with the pure white nuances on its margins. As an inlay, it exhibits splendid mother of pearl, which is an eye-candy blend of purple, blue, green, white and black. This gorgeous ornamental fabric has been utilized for hundreds of years by people with style and it constitutes a great reason for which you should consider purchasing it. The item is made of highly durable fabrics, such as Tugsten Carbide, which makes it really hard to get this ring scratched! It constitutes a great gift for men who are exuberant and full of life.


The ring you decide on should have special value to you and is definitely worth the investment.  These are some of the most beautiful and affordable high quality mens that you can invest in to help prove your love and to remind your loved one of how special he is to you.